A6036 Elite Air Bath

Four inches wider than a standard bath/shower one piece fiberglass unit. This a great one person air bath with a rectangular shape that can be easily incorporated into a shower design. The extra deep bathing well is unmatched by any other air bathtub with 2 comfortable arm rests and 5 recessed air jets to massage the bathers back make this bath the premier bath of its size. Watertech’s exclusive top overflow design, only available from Watertech, allows all Elite bathtubs to be filled within 2” inches of the top of the bathtub, insuring the bather gets a full body massage from the soles of their feet to their neck and shoulders. Watertech’s Elite baths have a water depth 4” – 6” deeper than a bath with the standard side overflow.  This air bath has 27 watertight air injectors with 189 air ports. Each injector has an integral check valve that insures water never gets past the injector into any part of the air system.

We highly recommend anyone purchasing an air bath review the differences between baths with air injectors and other manufacturer’s drilled holes and channel system air baths. Our product catalogue explains the numerous differences between air baths with air injectors and air baths with the drilled holes channel system. Watertech is the only manufacturer that places air injectors (jets) in the floor and wall of the air bath to provide a complete body massage.

All Watertech air baths are constructed with a galvanized steel base (no wood – no plastic) to insure the floor of the air bath will never flex or warp. There is a Lifetime warranty on the variable speed heated air blower and the 60”x 36” acrylic bathtub shell. Any condensation that might form in the air lines during operation is dried 20 minutes after the air bath is emptied because the heated blower automatically comes on for several minutes to dry all the air lines.
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WaterTech A6036 Elite Air Bath Tub 6036
WaterTech A6036 Elite Air Bath Tub 6036

60" x 36" x 23"

Product ID: A6036-ELITE
Reg Price: $4,060.00
Our Price: $2,639.00