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It all begins with you, your style, and space needs. Rather than tell you what the perfect bathtub looks like, we think it makes sense for you to tell us. Americh provides you with a comprehensive palette of designs, sizes, water systems, features and accessories from which to choose.

Americh's skilled craftsmen then build your bathtub to your specifications, right here in the United States. Add to the finished product our exacting environmental standards and impeccable customer service - and a unique Americh bathtub is born. From classic bathtub to contemporary bathtub, individual to shared bathtub, cozy to chic bathtub Americh's customized approach produces bathtubs that fit seamlessly into any bathroom, any style, any life.


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Submerge yourself in an environment to fit your personal needs. From the serenity of a soaking bath, the rejuvenating sensation of an Airbath, the invigorating massage of a whirlpool and the ultimate pampering of the combination system.