C7244 Elite Whirlpool & Air

This Oval shaped single person design provides an air and water massage from the soles of your feet to you back and neck. This combination Jacuzzi-style bath has two sloping arm rests and detailed molding. An extremely large bathing area with extended leg room. Watertech’s exclusive top overflow design allows all Elite combo baths to be filled within 2 inches of the top of the bathtub insuring the bather gets an extra deep full body massage while a jacuzzi style bathtub with a standard side overflow has a water bathing level 4” – 6” inches below the top of the bathtub. The water jets are fully directional and the jet’s scalloped face can be rotated allowing the bather to increase or decrease the water flow and pressure from each jet.

A three speed control (high-medium-low) is standard on all combo baths giving the bather control of the water flow and pressure from all the water jets simultaneously. For your comfort all back and neck jets are recessed in all Watertech whirlpools and combination bathtubs. The water lines on combo baths are rigid PVC, U.L. certified for 100% drainage assuring a clean and sanitary massage experience each and every time the bath is used.

The measurements are 72” in length and 44” in width. The C7244 Elite combo bath, a combination air bath and Whirlpool Bath, has 19 watertight air injectors with 133 air ports and 11 water jets. Each injector has an internal check valve that insures water never enters any part of the air system (blower, air lines, or air manifold etc. We recommend anyone buying an air bath or combination air/whirlpool bath review and understand the differences between Watertech’s injector baths and other air baths that are manufactured by eliminating air injectors and simply drilling holes through the bottom of the tub into an unserviceable air channel under the tub. All combo baths have a blower powered air system and pump powered water system that can be operated independent of each other or used at the same time. The bather gets to select from three massages types, air, water or combination of air and water.

 All Watertech combination baths are equipped with injectors (air jets) in the floor and hydrotherapy water jets in the walls of the bathtub, two entirely different massages that can be used separately or together.
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WaterTech C7244 Elite Whirlpool & Air Combination Bath Tub 7144
WaterTech C7244 Elite Whirlpool & Air Combination Bath Tub 7144

71" x 44" x 22"

Product ID: C7244-ELITE
Reg Price: $6,380.00
Our Price: $4,147.00