Neptune WISH 01 Freestanding Bath 6030

59.75" x 29.75" x 22.5"

Neptune WISH 01 Freestanding Polymer Bath Tub
Fine curves to hug your body and shape your world.

Bathtub Size: 59.75" x 29.75" x 22.5"
Water Capacity: 76 Gallons
Water Depth Maxi-comfort: 14 in.
Interior at floor: 41 x 23

Weight: 285 lbs

Color White

Drain Included - Chrome

Wish O1 Technical


Optional Air Jets System Wish bathtubs
Relaxation, well-being, comfort… They will be yours thanks to our new massage system, specially designed to complete the bathtubs of our Wish collection. This system will all at once make you appreciate the beauty of a polymer freestanding bathtub and the benefits of a gentle and soothing massage.
Perfectly hygienic. Thanks to non-return valves in each injector, no water enters the approved tubing, preventing the formation of bacteria in the system. Twenty minutes after the massage, a drying cycle activates to clean and dry all conduits.
A safe system. Superior-quality tubing and jets that meet the highest standards and a highly controlled manufacturing process that guarantees complete peace of mind.
Remote control
Easy start-up
Integrated storage


Wish Sinks The Perfect Complement To Our Collection Of Wish Bathtubs


WISH S30 - 22" x 30" x 5 1/4"



WISH S48 - 22" x 48" x 5 1/4"



WISH S60 - 22" x 60" x 5 1/4"


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Air System

Concealed Blower and sound proofing. Faucets can be installed on Casing.

Air Casing on Right ( $2246.00 )
Air Casing on Left ( $2246.00 )
Total: $0.00
WISH S30 Sink
22" x 30" x 5 1/4" ( $664.00 )
WISH S48 Sink
22" x 48" x 5 1/4" ( $859.00 )
WISH S60 Sink
22" x 60" x 5 1/4" ( $1151.00 )
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Manufactured by: Neptune Wish
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Pictures don't do it justice. It is BEAUTIFUL Bathtub! I was concerned that it may look and feel cheap, but it does not at all. It stays warm unlike my old cast iron tub. It is very deep and so comfortable. I highly recommend & the shipping was fast.