Soaking Bathtub

Soaking tubs come in many sizes and shapes. Often they have dual functions: shower and bath. Other times they provide a deep soaking oasis. Since our tubs are factory direct, they can be customized with options like grab bars, chromotherapy or an audio system that delivers full-bodied sound through the tub.

Soaking Bathtubs with Factory Direct Sale Prices

We have divided our bath tub selection by size and style for easy selection. Use the links below to browse our selection.

The benefits of soaking in warm water are good for the body and soul!

Submerging in warm water hydrates the outermost layers of cells in the skin making the skin feel softer and more hydrated, stimulates the skin's temperature receptors and helps your pores eliminate toxins. It boosts cardiac output, improves circulation and promotes relaxation
According to the Arthritis Foundation:
Buoyancy and soothing warm water relieves pain and stiffness.
According to The New England Journal of Medicine:
Studies have found that soaking in warm water can play a major role in stress relief by providing relaxation, lowering blood pressure, and accelerating the flow of oxygen.
According to the National Sleep Foundation:
Taking a bath a few hours before bedtime enhances sleep quality, easing the transition into deeper sleep.