Hydro Systems Lacey LAC6632ATO Soaking Tub

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Hydro Systems Lacey  66 x 32 x 20 Acrylic Bath

Add an optional tile flange and front skirt for the perfect alcove tub & shower combination. Or place it in a tile or stone tub deck for sophisticated modern look. This tub can also be undermounted. Drain is included at no cost!

Acrylic Tub - Construction Features:
- Acrylic models finished in 1/8" thick layer of deep lustrous acrylic.
- Extra thick reinforced fiberglass Backing
- Integral E-Z Level platform facilitates installation.

An acrylic surface is superior for its color thickness, high gloss, ease of cleaning, resistance to cracking and fading, ease of repair and its thermal insulation properties. Acrylic models of Hydro Systems products are a formed layer of deep lustrous acrylic and reinforced with extra thick fiberglass.
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Cable Waste and Overflow Drain

Tile Flange

Factory Installed 3 Sided Tile Flange, for alcove installation. To determine which Flange set up to order, stand in front of your tub and if the drain is on the left you will order a Left Tile Flange, if the Drain is on the right as your standing in front of your tub you will order a Right Tile Flange.

Right Drain ( $96.00 )
Left Drain ( $96.00 )
Total: $0.00

Zen Front Apron Skirt, Factory installed no access panel, adds approximately 2" to framing dimension

In Line Heater for Soaking Bath

The in line heater will keep the water temperature you put into your bath constant so no cooling of your bath water. 20amp GFI circuit required, you will also need to make access to the heater unit.

Totally Silent operation


Heater ( $393.00 )
Arm rest
Arm rest ( $66.00 )
Chromatherapy-LED Lighting System
Chromatherapy ( $327.00 )
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Manufactured by: Hydrosystems
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