Whirlpool & Air Combo Bathtub

Whirlpol Jets Provide Deep Tissue Massage

They are best suited for those looking to massage sore muscles and joints. Popular options include an in-line heater that will maintain the water temperature for as long as the whirlpool is running.  All of the tub manufactures we carry have gone to great lengths to make sure no water sits in the piping between baths.

Air Jets Provide Soft Tissue Massage
They are best suited for those looking for a light massage.  Most air systems have a volume control. The bubbling effect can be at a low simmer or full power moving the water vigorously. Even at the highest setting the massage is soft tissue.
The Best System Bathtub -Combination Whirlpool & Air
You will never have to decide between the two systems.  The perfect massage is always a button away

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