Neptune Whirlpool System
The invigorating force of water and warm air
Netunes Whirlpool massage system projects a powerful blend of water and warm air for a wonderfully invigorating sensation. As the most vigorous of all our systems, the Whirlpool system provides a deep muscular massage. It stimulates body, blood flow and the lymphatic system, favors oxygenation of the muscles, and relieves stress due to tension. A true moment of renewal.
The Whirlpool system projects water and warm air through adjustable, directional jets located strategically along the vertical contour of the bathtub.
Safety. suction, built-in to the vertical contour of the bathtub, makes the system perfectly safe for the whole family. If obstructed, the system self-regulates or stops automatically.
Performance. A powerful, sound-proofed pump with efficiently designed jets ensures a most energizing experience.
Options. Enhance your experience with the water heater or the Turbo Air.
Easier maintenance. Add the Ozonator option to eliminate at the source bacteria that can develop in your system. Ozone is the most powerful and effective disinfectant. More powerful than chlorine or bromine, ozone is absolutely safe for you and your bathtub, ensuring complete peace of mind.
Built-in to the shell of the bathtub
Easy start-up
Designed to fit the style of the bathtub
Back jets
The perfect complement to the Whirlpool system
Abandon yourself to the soothing action of water on your back and shoulder muscles. Soon you’ll fell your muscle tension replaced by a wonderful feeling of relaxation, reminiscent of the experienced hands of a massage professional.
Created using the expertise of massage professionals, the back jets work in combination with the Whirlpool system. Located strategically in the bathtub's backrest, micro-rotating back jets energetically propel the water on critical parts of your back and shoulders. You can adjust the water pressure for a massage that is more relaxing or more energetic depending on your needs.
Double your pleasure. Produits Neptune also offers the option of back jets on both ends of the bathtub to massage the feet and back simultaneously or to experience a massage for two.
Option. A two-jet neck cushion allows for an optimal massage right up to the neck.
Activated by Whirlpool system control
Diverter valve to control jet intensity